Friday, November 05, 2010

Tseng Wen-ting could sign with Shanghai next year


Tseng Wen-ting could sign with China's Shanghai Sharks and become the latest of a long line of Taiwanese players who sign with Chinese team to go for higher salary and tougher competitions, local media reported.

Shanghai, which was owned by Chinese NBA All-Star Yao Ming, offered Yulon Luxgen center Tseng a three-year, NT$20 million contract, it was reported.

According to the 204cm-Tseng, his contract with Yulon Luxgen was signed through mid January, 2011. However, the 2010-11 CBA season is scheduled to open on Dec. 10.

The Taiwan NT starting center said he is leaning toward finishing out the current contract before moving to China in the middle of the 2010-11 SBL season. If that can't be done, Tseng said, he does not rule out playing for Yulon for the entire season on a new short-term contract and join Shanghai before the 2011-12 CBA season.

However, there's no guarantee that Tseng will become a free agent after his contract expires given the lack of institutionalized regulation in Taiwan. He will not become a free agent until Yulon agrees to issue a letter of clearance.

Taiwanese basketball has lost three star players to the Chinese league this year, including former Yulon forward Chen Hsin-an, Taiwan Beer forward Lin Chih-chieh and former Yulon point guard Lee Hseuh-lin.

Chen, who is playing for Dongguan, and Lin, currently with Zhejiang, have both entered their second year in China while Lee signed with Beijing this past summer.