Saturday, April 02, 2011


I'm sorry for not posting anything to the blog for almost the entire March. I visited New Zealand for 10 days for a business trip and the heavy work load had kept me from writing basketball regularly.

I begin to wonder whether I should stop posting those game stats, which took me a lot of time, because the SBL now (finally) has an efficient stats webpage where you can find anything if you can read Chinese.

The final decision has not been made yet. The most important thing is whether I will have enough time to keep writing the reports I have been writing for more than 10 years. However, I do think that there should be someone writing about Taiwanese basketball in English regularly so local basketball can be understood and recognized by English-speaking fans.

As I write now Taiwan Beer and Dacin Tigers have booked their appearances in the 2011 SBL Finals. On paper, TB is too strong to lose in a best-of-seven series, given that it features almost half of the national team lineup.

However, I have made it a habit not to support teams which only improve themselves by accumulating top players. My love goes to teams like Butler or VCU, lesser known teams or underdogs. That said, I hope Dacin can pull off an upset to make local basketball much more excited.

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  1. Chris,
    I have returned to Taiwan recently from USA and with the season about to close here, do you think there is enough interest and support to try to form a team to compete in the IBL? The International Basketball league is 4 days away from beginning their season, and this is a very exciting, and different style of game. I coached in this league 3 years ago, and the average scores are 130-140 a game, I had a team score 169 points in a regulation game, and lose!
    I know the president of the league very well, and we have talked about trying to form a team from Taiwan, but it would require the financial support of an owner willing to put up about $25,000 USD. I would be happy to orgqanize and coach the team, having familiarity with the league and the style of play. Many former NBA players play in the league, and several get called up to the NBA Development league, which can lead to a possible shot in the NBA. Toby Bailey (LA Lakers) Bryon Russell(Utah Jazz) David Lucas(son of Hall of Fame Maurice Lucas) have all played in this league. There is a team based in China, and I believe there is interest, but I don't know if there the support from the Taiwan basketball community. What do you think? I have approval from Mikel Dulio to make this happen, if there is an owner willing to put up the money. We would be able to host some games here in taiwan, as well as make a trip to the USA for a 10 game road trip up and down the west coast. Check out the website and get back to me with your thoughts. We would be able to use any players, including foreign players playing in the league, as in order to be competitive, we need some very athletic players who are in great shape, and can play a style of basketball that is entertaining so lots of threes and dunks are on the menu. You can reach me at with thoughts and ideas!