Sunday, October 14, 2012

Taiwan Mobile’s ambitious signing

Taiwan Mobile almost revamped its entire starting roster with the signing of four national team members and looked like a team capable of contending for the championship in the new season.

Wu Tai-hao, who played for China’s Zhejiang last season, signed with the ambitious team. Wu was followed by Ho Shou-cheng, Cheng Jen-wei and Chen Shih-nian.

Other notable newcomers included Wu Yong-jen, who returned from China, overseas Taiwanese Chang Ke-chun and Noel Felix, who played for Dacin last year.

Taiwan Mobile finished 13-17 last season and never cracked the top four during the past five years. With the new lineup, head coach Jia Fan looked confident for the new season.

Meanwhile, two-time SBL champion Taiwan Beer was in trouble after losing almost the entire starting lineup. Ho, Cheng and Chen all played for TB last season. Wu was with TB before playing in China, where Yang Ching-min, TB’s leading scorer last year, is playing this year.