Sunday, January 13, 2002

Chen Hsin-an Will Practice with NBDL Team

Chen Hsin-an, who led Yulon to 2001-02 President Cup title last week, will have a chance to fulfill his longtime dream - going to America, even he only gets to practice with an NBDL team for two to three weeks.

Mobile Revelers head coach Sam Vincent decided to invite Chen Hsin-an for a short training with the team, from mid-January to early February. Chen will practice with the Revelers in Mobile, Alabama, and see what he compares to the American minor league players. However, Chen will not play in games and travel with the team to road games.

Going to America has been a longtime dream for Chen Hsin-an, who thought about attending U.S. colleges and play in the NCAA two years ago. NIKE Taiwan, who signs Chen to a sneaker contract, also managed to earn Chen a spot in 1999 NIKE HOOP SUMMIT. But Chen was practicing with Taiwan NT for the preparation of ABC Championship at the time, and NT coaching staff would not let him go to U.S. for the game.

Sam Vincent said he would love to establish a long-term and consistent relationship with CTBA. If the first step of Chen's training tour goes well, he wouldn't mind setting up a coach clinic in Taiwan or taking his team to the annual Jones Cup in the future.