Tuesday, January 08, 2002

President Cup Finals: Yulon Beat Jutai 3-1

Led by super talent Chen Hsin-an and veteran Chiu Tsun-chih, Yulon pounded Jutai Tech in Game 3 and 4 in the President Cup Finals, taking home the title after a 3-1 series win.

Chen Hsin-an turned in a MVP-like performance throughout the series, averaging 21 points and 8.8 rebounds. Chen scored 19 points in the first half of Game 4 away and made consecutive three-pointers in the third quarter of Game 3 to pull the game away.

197cm F Chiu Tsun-chih, who dates head coach Chien Yi-fei's daughter, had his best game in years, scoring 17 on 4 of 5 three-point shooting and pulled down 15 rebounds. He had 10 points in Game 3.

195cm F Chou Hong-yu (in my opinion, the most consistent and underrated player on the team) also played an important role. With center Wu Chih-wei injured, Chou became the major inside force for Yulon and averaged 17.3 points and 8.5 rebounds in the Finals. Time and time again he pulled down the critical rebound and buried his trademark mid-range jumper to keep the score out of reach for Jutai Tech.

■Game Summary
Game 4 (Jan.8): Yulon 79-69 Jutai (Half: 51-31)
Yulon jumped to a quick start, leading 30-16 after the first quarter on four three-pointers by Chen Hsin-an and Chiu Tsun-chih. Jutai struggled under Yulon's tenacious defense and saw the deficit increasing to 31-51 in halftime. The second half became meaningless. Yulon led by as many as 22 points. Jutai couldn't find their offensive rhythm all game long. Yang Yu-min was held to 25% shooting.

Yulon - Chen Hsin-an 21p+4rb+2a, Chiu Tsun-chi 17p (4-5 3PT)+15rb+4s+2blk, Chou Hong-yu 12p+5rb+3a, Wei Yong-tai 11p, Chiu Chi-yi 10p+6a
Jutai - Wu Jen-jay 19p, Yang Yu-min 17p (4-16 FG)+5rb+5a+6TO, Shan Wei-fan 13p+9rb, Liao Wei-chen 12p

Game 3 (Jan.7): Yulon 87-65 Jutai (Half: 48-39)
Within 10 minutes, Yulon turned a close game into a 20-point rout. Chen Hsin-an scored 11 of his 21 points in the third quarter, which Yulon outscored Jutai 26-6, and led Yulon to a 87-65 win in the decisive Game 3.

Trailing 21-25 after the first quarter, Chiu Chi-yi scored 14 in the second with Yulon regained control, leading 48-39 in halftime. Yulon tightened up its defense after losing Game 2 and limited Jutai SG Yang Yu-min to 7-15 shooting.

Yulon - Chen Hsin-an 21p+9rb+2a, Chiu Chi-yi 19p+5a, Wei Yong-tai 12p, Chiu Tsun-chi 10p, Chou Hong-yu 10p+9rb+4a
Jutai - Yang Yu-min 17p (7-15 FG), Shan Wei-fan 8p+6rb, Ha Hsiao-yuan 7p+8rb

Game 2 (Jan.6): Jutai 79-75 Yulon (Half: 41-37)
Yang Yu-min exploded for 32 points and made six straight free-throws in the last minute, Jutai edged Yulon 79-75 in Game 2 to even the series at 1-1.

Yulon, who entered the final quarter trailing 52-64, even the score at 75 all after Chou Jia-chun made 1 of 2 free-throws with 2:04 remaining. Yang Yu-min came up with a steal and made six straight foulshots in final moments. Yang made 4 of 6 three-pointers and was 10-11 on the free-throw line.

Jutai - Yang Yu-min 32p (9-19 FG, 10-11 FT)+5a, Liao Wei-chen 13p+12rb, Shan Wei-fan 6p+9rb+6a, Wu Jen-jay 11p
Yulon - Chen Hsin-an 26p (10-29 FG)+11rb+2a, Chou Hong-yu 18p (6-12 FG)+10rb, Chiu Chi-yi 17p, Chao Jia-chun 7rb+5a

Game 1 (Jan.5): Yulon 70-61 Jutai (Half: 36-29)
Chou Hong-yu had 29 points and 10 rebounds as Yulon beat Jutai 70-61 in the opening game of President Cup Finals. Chen Hsin-an also had 16 and 10 for Yulon.

Chou Hong-yu scored all 15 points in the opening 15-0 run in the first quarter, Yulon led from start to finish and faced little challenge from Jutai. Jutai's Yang Yu-min was limited to 6-18 shooting.

Yulon - Chou Hong-yu 29p (12-19 FG)+10rb, Chen Hsin-an 16p+11rb+5a, Chiu Chi-yi 14p
Jutai - Yang Yu-min 17p, Shan Wei-fan 17p+6rb, Lin Che-wei 10p+10rb