Tuesday, January 08, 2002

President Cup: Semifinals Report

Yulon and Jutai Tech set up their meet in the 2002 President Cup Finals, both advanced with a 2-0 semifinal win over Dacin and BCC Mars.

■MATCHUP A: Yulon 2-0 Dacin Construction
Game 1: Yulon 75-74 Dacin (Jan.1)
Dacin almost made an improbable comeback when PG Huang Chih-chun knocked down a game-tying three-pointer with 28 seconds left, tying the score at 74. But veteran Chiu Tsun-chih made one of two free-throws with 16.7 seconds remaining to decide the final score.

Yulon - Chen hsin-an 17p+8rb+5a, Chiu Tsun-chih 14p
Dacin - Tien Lei 13p+12rb+4a+3s, Chang Chi-feng 26p

Game 2: Yulon 90-79 Dacin (Jan.3)
Led by Chen Hsin-an's three three-pointers, Yulon pulled the game away in the second half and advanced to the finals. Dacin was denied from the finals once again, after finishing fourth in the A-League regular season last year.

Yulon - Chen Hsin-an 29p+6rb+6a, Chou Hong-yu 13p+16rb, Chiu Chi-yi 16p+7rb
Dacin - Lee Fong-yong 23p+10rb, Tien Lei 16p+8rb+6TO, Chang Chi-feng 21p, Yao Jun-jay 8p+8rb

■MATCHUP B: Jutai Tech 2-0 BCC Mars
Game 1: Jutai Tech 73-64 Mars (Jan.1)
Shan Wei-fan scored 8 points in the fourth quarter to lift Jutai in the thrilling win. Mars committed 21 turnovers in the loss.

Jutai - Shan Wei-fan 21p, Liao Wei-chen 18p
Mars - San Mao-sun 15p+9rb

Game 2: Jutai Tech 77-54 Mars (Jan.3)
Seldom-used G Wu Jen-jay came out of nowhere to score 17 points and led Jutai to its series-clinching victory. Mars picked the wrong time to be in a slump, once again had 25 turnovers and beatened up by the quicker Jutai Tech.

Jutai - Shan Wei-fan 20p, Yang Yu-min 14p+7a, Wu Jen-jay 17p
Mars - Yang Che-yi 15p