Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Roundup: President Cup 2nd Round

There's no surprise here. No.1 seed Yulon and No.2 BCC Mars eliminated Yi-tong and Military 2-0 as expected and advanced to the President Cup semifinals. The only upset of the quarterfinal round came as Dacin, the No.5 seed, upset No.4 Taiwan Beer 2-1. No.3 Jutai Tech also advanced to the final four after a dogfight series, which saw several protests and confrontations with Bank of Taiwan.


■(1) Yulon 2-0 (8) Yi-tong
Game 1 (Dec.28): Yulon 69-64 Yi-tong
Yulon, who's shocked by Yi-tong's center Tan Bo-chan, escaped in the 5-point win.
Yulon - Chou Hong-yu 20p+5rb, Chao Jia-chun 14p+8rb, Chen Hsin-an 6p+3rb+3a+3s
Yi-tong - Tan Bo-chan 24p+17rb, Chiu Der-chih 16p

Game 2 (Dec.29): Yulon 73-47 Yi-tong
Yulon - Kuo Tian-lung 14p, Wu Chih-wei 14p, Wei Yong-tai 10p+13rb, Chen Hsin-an 8p+6rb+3a+3s
Yi-tong - Lai Shin-hong 12p

■(5) Dacin Construction 2-1 (4) Taiwan Beer
Game 1 (Dec.28): Dacin 77-68 Taiwan Beer
Dacin - Tien Lei 12p+16rb+5a+3blk, Lee Fung-yong 17p+7rb, Chang Chih-fung 15p+10rb
TB - Lin Chi-jay 14p+11rb

Game 2 (Dec.29): Taiwan Beer 67-65 Dacin
Dacin made only 12 of 39 three-point attempts in the loss.
TB - Wu Yang-huei 16p, Yang Chih-hao 14p
Dacin - Tien Lei 19p+10rb+5s+2blk, Chang Chih-fung 13p+8rb

Game 3 (Dec.30): Dacin 92-74 Taiwan Beer
Dacin made 14 three-pointers as a team and pulled the game away in the 2nd quarter.
Dacin - Chang Chih-fung 23p, Tien Lei 12p+16rb+5a, Lee Fung-yong 14p, Huang Chih-chun 14p
TB - Yang Chih-hao 12p

■(2) BCC Mars 2-0 (7) Military
Game 1 (Dec.29): BCC Mars 74-57 Military
Mars made 11 of 22 three-point attempts and led from start to finish.
Mars - Lin Jia-huang 22p(6-8 3PT), Chen Huei 13p+7a+6s
Military - Ju Yong-hong 17p+10rb, Yen Shin-shu 16p+8rb+3a

Game 2 (Dec.30): BCC Mars 75-63 Military
A 4th quarter brawl didn't change the outcome. Chen Huei required more than 10 stitches after suffering a blow from teammate-to-be Yen Shin-shu.
Mars - Lin Jia-huang 18p, San Mao-sun 16p, Chen Huei 6p+6rb+4a
Military - Chen Chih-chun 16p

■(3) Jutai Tech 2-1 (6) Bank of Taiwan
Game 1 (Dec.29): Bank of Taiwan 79-74 Jutai Tech
Lin Chun-fung scored 13 of his 15 points in the second half to lead the BOT comeback.
BOT - Lo Da-wei 22p+8rb, Lin Yu-shu 16p+10rb+7a+4s, Lin Chun-fung 15p
Jutai - Yang Yu-min 23p, Shan Wei-fan 19p+12rb

Game 2 (Dec.30): Jutai Tech 112-73 Bank of Taiwan
Trailing 30-53 in halftime, BOT virtually gave up the game in the second half.
Jutai - Wu Chen-dao 24p, Wu Yung-jen 22p+11rb
BOT - Jian Min-fu 22p

Game 3 (Dec.31): Jutai Tech 95-69 Bank of Taiwan
Jutai limited BOT to 29% shooting in the lopsided win.
Jutai - Yang Yu-min 20p, Shan Wei-fan 20p, O-Yang Jin-hen 15p+10rb
BOT - Lin Yu-shu 24p+16rb, Ho Sho-jen 21p

No.1 Yulon vs. No.5 Dacin Construction
No.2 BCC Mars vs. No.6 Jutai Tech