Monday, July 25, 2005

Jones Cup Day 3: Philippines, Samara, Passing Lane top standing

Led by powerful frontlines Steffon Bradford and Marcus Douthit, who combined 47 points and 26 rebounds, USA-Passing Lane beat Kazakhstan and tops the standings with 3-0 along with Philippines and Russia-Samara. Philippines wins another close game by beating Korea 79-75. Samara once again fired from outside and cruised to a 93-64 vctory over Australia's AIS.

Qatar 78-69 Japan (46-35)
Qatar: E.A. Saeed 24p+11rb, S. Abdulrahman 21p
Japan: K. Nakagawa 23p+7rb+5a, T. Ito 16p, T. Sato 11p

Russia-Samara 93-64 Australia-AIS (49-35)
Samara: Y. Strelkin 18p, O. Bartunov 14p, D. Ponosov 11p+6rb
AIS: S. Weigh 13p, M. Deric 13p, A. Baynes 10p, J. Ingers 10p

USA-Passing Lane 88-78 Kazakhstan (42-29)
Passing Lane: S. Bradford 26p+13rb, M. Douthit 21p+13rb+3blk, R. Johnson 12p
Kazakhstan: A. Ponomerov 24p+6rb, R. Gilyazutdinov 20p+11rb, R. Muravyov 11p

Philippines 79-75 Korea (35-34)
Philippines: A. Taulava 14p+7rb(6-8 FG), C. Brandon 11p, A. Helterbrand 11p+3a, D. Hontiveros 9p, K. Raymundo 9p
Korea: Joo Tae-Soo 23p+6rb(8-13 FG), Yim Hwi-Jong 15p, Yang Hee-Jong 13p

Taiwan 111-70 India (66-32)

USA-Passing Lane 3-0
Russia-Samara 3-0
Philippines 3-0
Korea 2-1
Taiwan 2-1
Qatar 2-1
Japan 0-3
Kazakhstan 0-3
AIS 0-3
India 0-3