Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jones Cup Day 4: Qatar beat Korea with brilliant defense

Three of five games of the day ended in lopsided results, which is why Qatar-Korea game the best game of the day. Qatar took Korea's game away with its solid defense, no matter it's man-to-man or zone defense. Korea's best player C Joo Tae-Soo was limited to 11 points.

Philippines' Asi Taulava turned in the best performance by sinking all 11 of his shots en route to game-high 29 points, although he only made 7 of 15 free-throws.

Russia-Samara 72-62 Kazakhstan (35-35)
Samara: O. Bartunov 16p, P. Ulyanko 13p, Y. Strelkin 13p, V. Konovalov 7p+11rb
Kazakhstan: R. Yargavliev 15p, A. Shpht 12p, R. Muravyov 10p

USA-Passing Lane 105-83 Japan (48-44)
Passing Lane: S. Bradford 22p, C. Okosa 18p+9rb, T. Johnson 14p, R. Brown 12p, M. Goldman 12p, M. Douthit 11p+10rb
Japan: T. Ito 20p, T. Ishida 13p, K. Nakagawa 11p+6rb

Philippines 107-69 India (42-37)
Philippines: A. Taulava 29p(11-11 FG, 7-15 FT)+6rb+4a, R. Adducul 18p(8-11 FG), A. Helterbrand 17p(8-14 FG), D. Hontiveros 11p, A. dela Cruz 10p, K. Williams 10p, K. Raymundo 7p+12rb
India: Sridha 22p, T.Singh 13p+6rb, J. Singh 11p+6rb

Qatar 66-56 Korea (28-25)
Qatar: Daoud 19p, E.A. Saeed 14p
Korea: Lee Kwang-Jae 20p, Kang Byung-Hyun 15p+7rb+6a, Joo Tae-Soo 11p

Taiwan 95-82 Australia-AIS (48-38)
Taiwan: Tsun Wen-din 16p, Wu Dai-hao 13p+5rb, Chang Chih-feng 13p, Chou Shih-yuan 12p, Yang Che-yi 11p
AIS: S. Weigh 17p, A.Baynes 16p, J. Ingers 12p, R. Kersten 11p

Philippines 4-0
Russia-Samara 4-0
USA-Passing Lane 4-0
Taiwan 3-1
Qatar 3-1
Korea 2-2
India 0-4
Japan 0-4
Australia-AIS 0-4
Kazakhstan 0-4