Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Taiwan leads Jones Cup women's competition with 3-0

Undefeated Taiwan NT leads a six-team field with three wins halfway thru the 2005 Jones Cup women's competition which plays under a single round robin format.

Notes that will give you a clearer picture of the participating teams:

Taiwan and New Zealand: Full national team.
Russia: U-18 NT.
Zhejiang: A new team that will enter China's WCBA next season.
South Korea: Amateur League All-Star team.
Japan: World University Games national team.

Taiwan 3-0, New Zealand 2-1, Zhejiang 2-1, South Korea 1-2, Russia 1-2, Japan 0-3

July 18
Russia 91-89 Japan
Zhejiang 83-58 South Korea
Taiwan 74-70 New Zealand

July 17
South Korea 78-73 Russia
New Zealand 110-71 Japan
Taiwan 91-75 Zhejiang

July 16
New Zealand 98-64 South Korea
Zhejiang 77-54 Russia
Taiwan 108-76 Japan