Sunday, July 10, 2005

Exodus: Five players leave ETSN

A total of five players left ETSN, which has more than twenty players on its payroll, and signed with other SBL teams. Ironically, the exodus will not hurt ETSN because its roster is as deep as you can imagine.

Shan Wei-fan, Lin Che-wei and Lin Che-li signed with Taiwan Beer. Yua Yin-li and Chen Shun-hsiang signed with Bank of Taiwan.

All five left mainly because of lack of playing time. And none of them except Shan Wei-fan cracked ETSN starting lineup.

A couple coaching moves are intriguing, too. Huang Wan-long, Song-shan High School head coach and former Taiwan Beer assistant, will coach Taipower women’s team as an assistant. He will coach Song-shan HS and Taipower at the same time.

Dacin head coach Liu Jia-fa, who had been coaching both Dacin and Taiwan Normal University in the past three years, will focus solely on Dacin starting next season.

Chiu Da-tsun was hired as head coach, but will be probably listed as an assistant, by Taiwan Beer last week.