Friday, April 27, 2007

Consensus reached in local players draft

Local media reported that SBL teams have reached a consensus to hold the first ever SBL local players draft after this season.

The local players draft will be a major breakthrough for the management of the four-year league in establishing a system and keeping a fair competition, said SBL Committee chairman Yen Jia-hua, who also serves as Taiwan Beer head coach.

Team representatives reached consensus in four major regulations:

1. Any player who has been registered in the SBL is a free agent can can be signed by any team.
2. Players eligible for the draft have to be high school graduates or at least 18 years of age.
3. Players interested in entering the draft are required to submit their applications before the draft. All teams are not allowed to sign rookie players who are not selected in the draft.
4. The first SBL local players draft will take place in June 2007.

The 2007-08 SBL season will begin November 30 with a seires of exhibition games, Yen said.