Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fight of last playoff seed intense between Dacin, ETSN

(ETSN forward O-Yang Jin-hen, left, photo courtesy of ESPN Taiwan)

With only two weeks left in the regular season and three playoff seeds determined, the fight for the last playoff seed is expected to go down to the wire. Dacin Tigers and ETSN Antelopes both pulled out surprising wins against top-ranking teams Saturday night to keep the race tight as Dacin currently having a 1 1/2 game lead.

Dacin made 14 three-pointers en route to a 93-73 thump over Videoland Hunters, while ETSN led from start to finish and routed Yulon 85-64.

Azio Eagles proved it is becoming a formidable and competitive team, beating Bank of Taiwan 96-87 for its fifth win of the season, which is quite an accomplishment for a team that only had six wins in the past two season.

BOT dropped to league worst 4-23 and trailed Azio by a half game after its SBL-record 15th (and counting...) consecutive loss.

Azio 96-87 BOT
Azio: Chen Shi-jay 27p(13-13 FT)+7rb, Chien Jia-hong 13p+8rb, Wu Jian-long 13p+9rb, Chang Yu-lin 12p, James Mao 11p
BOT: Yang Chin-min 19p, Chen Shun-hsiang 17p, Hsu Chi-chan 13p+8rb, Chien Ming-fu 12p

Dacin 93-73 VL
Dacin: Tien Lei 22p+12rb+6a, Chang Chi-feng 20p+7rb, Wang Chih-chun 11p
VL: Lee Chi-yi 16p+6rb, Jonathan Sanders 14p+8rb, Wu Yong-jen 12p

ETSN 85-64 Yulon
ETSN: O-Yang Jin-hen 20p, Wu Dai-hao 18p(9-14 FG)+7rb, Delvin Thomas 14p+5rb
Yulon: Tsun Wen-din 20p, CHou Shih-yuan 12p, Lu Cheng-ju 10p, Wu Chih-wei 10p