Saturday, April 21, 2007

TB clinched playoff seed

(TB forward Lin Chih-jay, photo courtesy of ESPN Taiwan)

Taiwan Beer made 10 of 12 free-throws in the extra session as the Beermen edged ETSN 91-88 in overtime Friday night in Miaoli City and became the third team clinching a SBL playoff seed, following Videoland and Yulon.

ETSN C/F Delvin Thomas had a season-high 36 points to go with 14 rebounds. Wu Dai-hao fouled out of the game in 34 minutes, scoring only 8 points. Wu has been having trouble adjusting to the officiating in Taiwan after returning from the U.S., where he played for Div-II BYU-Hawaii for two years.

Yulon beat Azio 104-95 to tie Videoland at 19-7. The bad news is starting point guard Lee Hsueh-lin, who had a shoulder injury in the game vs. Dacin April 15, will have to sit out four weeks.

TB 91-88(OT) ETSN
TB: Lin Chih-jay 29p, Shan Wei-fan 21p, Chen Shih-nian 18p+6rb+7a, Wu Chih-yuan 13p+8rb, Lo Shin-liang 11p+6a
ETSN: Delvin Thomas 36p+14rb, Cheng Jen-wei 14p+6rb, Yang Yu-min 13p+5a, Wu Dai-hao 8p+5a

Yulon 104-95 Azio
Yulon: Tsun Wen-din 18p+11rb, Liu Shen-yao 17p, Chou Shih-yuan 15p, Chen Chih-chun 14p+7rb+4a, Chiu Chi-yi 13p+5a
Azio: Chien Jis-hong 23p+8rb, Chen Shi-jay 21p+7rb+8a, Wu Jian-long 20p+6rb, James Mao 11p+5rb, Chang Yu-lin 11p