Sunday, June 24, 2007

Report: Lee Chi-yi, Yang Che-yi to sign with Yulon

Lee Chi-yi, left, and Yang Che-yi.

The Chinese-language basketball website reported that Videoland's top two players -- Lee Chi-yi and Yang Che-yi, will sign with Yulon. If this is true, Yulon -- already a loaded team although it lost in the first-round playoffs last season -- will be even stronger the next season.

The Hunters will suffer a huge setback in losing its top two players. Plus, under current regulation it will not be allowed to hire import players next year because they made the playoffs in 2006-07 season.

Rumors about Lee and Yang have been flying around for a while in the basketball circle. It's believed both Lee and Yang have not been happy playing for head coach Liu Chih-wei, who was named Coach of the Year last season, all year.