Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mao pulls a daggar on dmedia

James Mao. (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

James Mao made a left-handed layup, the most important bucket of his career-high 31 points, at the buzzer as Pure Youth beat dmedia Numen 108-107 Saturday. PY snapped its three-game losing streak against dmedia and won its fifth straight game.

PY is now 9-10 and tied with Dacin at No. 4.

With 14.2 seconds left and the score tied at 106, Pure Youth head coach Hsu Chin-tse ordered his players to foul dmedia, sending Ouyang Jin-hen to the free-throw line. Hsu's decision proved successful as Ouyang made one of two free-throws and handed the final possession back to PY.

Going one on one against Jonathan Sanders, who had his second triple-double of the season, Mao pulled the final daggar on dmedia with a high-arching left-handed layup.

Dmedia shot itself in the foot by missing four of eight foul shots with the game on the line.

Defending champ Taiwan Beer showed its poise down the stretch by overcoming a 15-point halftime deficit with a 92-90 win over Bank of Taiwan.

Taiwan Beer, which trailed for 35 minutes, led by one, 91-90, after Ho Sho-jen's two free-throws with 8.3 seconds to go. BOT controlled the last possession but point guard Chien Ming-fu stepped out of bound as he was pushing the ball upcourt.

Feb. 2
PY 108-107 dmedia
PY: James Mao 31p, Chien Jia-hong 22p, D. Creighton 14p, Lin Jin-ban 12p
dmedia: J. Sanders 27p+14rb+11a, Ouyang Jin-hen 21p

Yulon 81-67 Dacin
Yulon: Chen Chih-chung 17p, Chen Hsin-an 13p+11rb+7a, Lee Hsueh-lin 12p, Lu Cheng-ju 11p
Dacin: Wang Chih-chun 20p, Chang Chi-feng 16p+13rb, Lee Fong-yong 11p, DNP: Tien Lei, Su Yi-chieh

TB 92-90 BOT
TB: Ho Sho-jen 26p, Lin Chih-jay 18p+8rb, Wu Dai-hao 12p, Yang Chin-min 10p
BOT: Chen Shun-hsiang 20p, Lin Chun-feng 17p

Feb. 1
TB 81-74 TM
TB: Lin Chih-jay 28p+6rb+4a, Yang Chin-min 20p, Lo Shin-liang 12p
TM: Wu Yong-jen 20p, Hsu Tse-shin 19p, Hsu Wei-sheng 18p+10rb

PY 113-73 BOT
* PY surpassed its win total last year with 8 wins in 18 games. The 40-point margin was the second highest winning margin in the SBL history.
PY: Hsu Shi-ching 16p, Tsai Wen-cheng 12p+11rb, Chien Jia-hong 11p
BOT: Lin Chun-feng 29p