Thursday, June 07, 2012

CTBA names 2012 Taiwan national men’s teams


The top five star players, including Chen Hsin-an and Tien Lei, were included in the 30-man rosters of the 2012 Taiwan men’s national teams announced by the Chinese Taipei Basketball Association on May 23.

Hsu Chin-tse, who led Pure Youth to its first ever SBL title last month, would be the head coach of Taiwan’s national team while Chiu Da-tsun, coach of Dacin Tigers, would be the head coach of the national second team, which is also known as Kwang Hua team.

Hsu and Chiu have both submitted their 15-man rosters to the CTBA.

Pure Youth assistant Ben Metcalf and Lee Po-lun, head coach of National Taiwan University of Art, champion of the University Basketball Association this year, would join Hsu as Taiwan NT’s assistants.

Chen Hsin-an, Tseng Wen-ting, Wu Tai-hao, Lin Chih-chieh and Tien Lei are all on the first team, which will begin its training on July 2.

Former TB player Yang Ching-min, who currently plays in China, and Jet Chang would be the first replacement options if any player is injured, according to the CTBA.

Assistants of Kwang Hua will be Fan Ken-hsiang and Yen Chia-wei.

2012 Taiwan men’s NT roster
Wu Tai-hao, 202cm, 1985/02/07, 27, TB
Mao Chia-en, 196cm, 1982/11/16, 29, PY
Chien Chia-hung, 197cm, 1987/03/06, 25, PY
Lu Cheng-ju, 194cm, 1986/08/23, 25, Yulon
Su Yi-chieh, 182cm, 1987/01/28, 25, TM
Lee Hsueh-lin, 175cm, 1984/01/31, 28, Beijing (China)
Tseng Wen-ting, 202cm, 1984/07/06, 27, Shanghai (China)
Lin Chih-chieh, 192cm, 1982/06/11, 29, Zhejiang (China)
Chen Hsin-an, 195cm, 1980/07/01, 31, PY
Chou Po-chen, 196cm, 1990/08/08, 21, Yulon
Tien Lei, 202cm, 1983/06/01, 29, Dacin
Lin Yi-hui, 193cm, 1986/03/24, 26, Dacin
Doug Creighton, 197cm, 1985/03/07, 27, PY
Liu Cheng, 192cm, 1990/11/24, 21, KKL
Chen Shih-chieh, 176cm, 1984/09/24, 27, PY

2012 Taiwan men’s second NT roster
Peng Chun-yen 185cm, 1989/12/05, 21, PY
Chen Che-yu, 184cm, 1991/05/12, 21, NTUA
Chen Ying-chun, 182cm , 1993/06/09, 19, Belmont Abbey College
Lo Yu-chun , 185cm, 1988/05/07, 24, Dacin
Sung Yu-hsuan, 185cm, 1989/12/05, 22, CCU
Chou Yi-hsiang, 193cm, 1991/02/04, 21, Salt Lake Community College
Chen Yi-an 195cm, 1989/01/02, 22, Dacin
Lin Yao-tsun, 193cm, 1990/09/07, 21, Mindao Univ.
Chang Chia-jung, 194cm, 1988/09/28, 23, Hsing Wu College
Hu Lung-mao, 195cm, 1992/12/22, 19, Chaminade Univ. (D-II)
Wu Hung-hsing 202cm, 1989/10/21, 21, Dacin
Hung Kang-chiao, 191cm, 1992/04/22, 20, NTNU
Chen Hsiao-jung , 197cm, 1990/05/30, 22, TM
Liu Yuan-kai, 205cm, 1991/07/09, 20, FJU
Chen Kuan-chuan, 195cm, 1993/12/30, 18, Nan-shan HS

The two teams are scheduled to participate in a pair of tournaments this summer -- the 34th William Jones Cup tournament which will be held in TPEC Gym in Tienmu, Taipei from Aug 18-26 and the FIBA Asia Cup from Sept. 14-22 in Tokyo, Japan.

Taiwan will vie for a berth of the Asian Championship in the FIBA Asia Cup, which is previously known as the Stankovic Cup.