Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Disordered dmedia hit by cases on, off court

Dmedia's spokesperson has been the busiest man on the team in the past three days, during which the team was hit by a pair of cases on and off the court.

On Sunday, dmedia forward Cheng Jen-wei was ejected after throwing a punch at Bank of Taiwan center Cheng En-jay and started a near-brawl from both teams. Cheng was later handed a 4-game suspension and a NT$50,000 fine.

True, it's not fair that Cheng En-jay, who had hit Cheng Jen-wei in the throat with his elbow, was only whistled for an offensive foul. But Cheng Jen-wei did the wrong thing by throwing a punch. No doubt about it.

Early Sunday, dmedia players Wang Chuan-jian, Chou Tse-hua and Wu Jun-hsiung were accused of solicitation to commit a murder outside of a Taipei nightclub.

Here's a report from local English newspaper Taipei Times:

Police to question Numen players over bar incident

By Rich Chang
Monday, Jan 14, 2008, Page 19
Two SBL players from the dmedia Numen were accused of aiding and abetting in a knifing incident early yesterday morning outside a Taipei bar, police said.

Police said they would be summoning players Wang Chuan-chien (王傳鑑) and Chou Tzu-hua (周資華) for questioning about the incident.


A man surnamed Chang said that Wang and Chou were drinking at the Juliana Junior bar in the early morning yesterday. Chang told police the two players were chatting with him, his girlfriend and eight other friends who were sitting next to the players' table.


He said the apparently drunk Wang suddenly forcibly grabbed his girlfriend and that he and his friends had to hold Wang back. Chang told police there had been a dispute over the incident, but that things had seemed to have settled down by the time they left the bar.

He said as they were leaving the pub to catch taxis at around 4am, several men carrying knives pulled them out of the taxis and started slashing them.

Chang said three of his friends were injured in the incident.

Chang said he suspected the two players had abetted the men to commit the crime.


Police said they had interviewed the three victims who alleged they were attacked outside the bar, and confirmed that they had found blood stains outside the bar. Police said they did not know whether the two players had been involved in the attack.

Wang and Chou did not show up with their team for a game yesterday.


A spokesman for the dmedia Numen, Kuo Teh-chih (郭德志), told reporters the team was surprised and that it would discipline the two if the allegations were found to be true.

Chou was banned from the High School Basketball League in 2004 for throwing a ball at a judge during a game.