Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Three dmedia players suspended over knifing incident

A good way to get yourself on TV.

Wang Chuan-chien

Chou Tzu-hua

Wang Chuan-chien, Chou Tzu-hua and Wu Jun-hsiung were suspended indefinitely without pay over their involvement in a knifing incident, Numen head coach Wu Chien-kuo said in a press conference Tuesday.

Wu said that the players, who allegedly involved in a knifing incident last Sunday, would be suspended indefinitely without pay and would not allowed to practice with the team until the ongoing investigation is completed.

Dmedia was hit by seperated disordered incidents on the same day. Forward Cheng Jen-wei was suspended for four games and received an NT$50,000 fine for throwing a punch at opponents in a game Sunday afternoon.

The players did not attend the press conference.

The final decision on the players' future with the team will be made after the investigation and legal process are completed, Wu said.

Chou, a 20-year-old guard, played in two games with the team this season while Wang, 22, and Wu, 23, practiced with the team but was not listed in the 18-men roster.

The three players were allegedly involved in solicitation to commit an assault early Sunday morning, when the players disputed with a group of youngsters over a girl outside a Taipei nightclub. Three men were stabbed by a number of unidentified men, who the victims claimed were friends of the players, upon leaving the nightclub by taxi.