Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 SBL Draft to take place on Aug. 1

The 2012 SBL Draft is scheduled to take place on Aug. 1 in Taipei, the Chinese Taipei Basketball Association (CTBA) said.

For the first time, the CTBA said, a pre-draft physical would be held so teams could better understand physical conditions of the applicants.

The draft order will be the reverse of the ranking from the last season with Bank of Taiwan receiving the No. 1 pick.

Draft order: Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Mobile, KKL, Yulon, Dacin, Taiwan Beer and Pure Youth.

The monthly salary of drafted players will be guaranteed with those selected in the first round would be guaranteed a minimum monthly salary of NT$60,000 (US$2,000). The minimum for second round picks is NT$50,000 and NT$40,000 for those in the third round or later.