Thursday, July 26, 2012

21 players apply for 2012 SBL Draft


The Chinese Taipei Basketball Association announced that a total of 21 players have applied for the 2012 SBL Draft which will be held on August 1 in Taipei.

A pre-draft tryout is scheduled to be held on July 31 in Taipei.

Five players among the applicants appeared to be catching the most attention, including Sung Yu-hsuan, Lin Yao-tsung, Chou Po-hsun, Chang Chia-jung and Chiang Shih-feng.

Sung and Lin are on the roster of the second national team in this year’s Jones Cup tournament while Chang Chia-jung was on the best-five list in the University Basketball Association this year.

The most intriguing “prospect” is none other than 50-year-old Chung Hsiao-ping, an incumbent Taipei City councilor who always liked to say he is the record-holder for most three-point goals made in a single game in the university league’s second division.

And Chung was recommended by Pure Youth head coach Hsu Chin-tse. I have no idea why.

2012 SBL Draft applicants:
Name, DOB, Ht., Wt., Pos., School
Chang Chia-jung, 1988/9/28, 192, 85, Forward, Hsing Wu College
Hsu Cheng-yu, 1988/9/25, 186, 83, Guard, Chinese Culture Univ.
Chang Chin-cheng, 1988/11/28, 197, 95, Center, National Univ. of Tainan
Lin Tsun-chi, 1990/8/2, 190, 80, Forward, Kainan Univ.
Chou Po-hsun, 1991/3/6, Forward, Mindao Univ.
Chen Nian-en, 1990/3/30, 175, 82, Guard, Chinese Culture Univ.
Chung Hsiao-ping, 1962/8/27, 174, 70, Guard, Taipei City Councilor
Tsui Kuo-tseng, 1990/10/6, 187, 80, Guard, Mindao Univ.
Chen Yi-yang, 1991/7/24, 190, 96, Forward, Keelung Vocational School
Lee Ping-hung, 1989/11/3, 183, 83, Guard, National Taiwan Normal Univ.
Tsai Cheng-hsien, 1989/8/11, 197, 97, Center, Mindao Univ.
Tsang Fa-han, 1987/9/20, 181, 82, Guard, Fu Jen Univ.
Chang Cheng-hui, 1991/11/2, 199, 88, National Taiwan College of Physical Education
Lin yao-tsung, 1990/9/7, 193, 90, Mindao Univ.
Chiang Shih-feng, 1990/12/14, 182, 82, Guard, Mindao Univ.
Chang Chih-yu, 1983/10/23, 186, 83, Guard, National Chengchi Univ.
Sung Yu-hsuan, 1989/12/5, 185, 80, Guard, Chinese Culture Univ.
Lin Po-fang, 1987/2/23, 188, 99, Forward, National Taiwan College of Physical Education
Lin Hao, 1989/10/23, 172, 75, Guard, National Taiwan Univ. of Art
Liu Yi-chen, 1990/5/22, 190, 96, Forward, National Taiwan Univ. of Art
Chiu Cheng-sheng, 1980/6/8, 190, 78, Forward, Tungnan Univ.