Thursday, July 05, 2012

2012 Williams Jones Cup invitational tournament -- women’s competition


The 2012 William Jones Cup invitational tournament will be held at the Miaoli Dome Gymnasium in Miaoli County, Taiwan from July 7-11 with six teams from five countries in participation.

The six teams include a pair of teams from host Taiwan -- Cathay Life and Chunghua Telecom as well as Japan NT, India NT, Malaysia NT and Chapman University, a US college team at Div. III.

The preliminary schedule is as follows:

July 7
14:00 Opening ceremony
14:30 Cathay Life vs. US
16:00 Japan vs. India
18:00 Chunghua Telecom vs. Malaysia

July 8
14:00 Malaysia vs. Cathay Life
16:00 US vs. Japan
18:00 India vs. Chunghua Telecom

July 9
14:00 Malaysia vs. US
16:00 Japan vs. Chunghua Telecom
18:00 Cathay Life vs. India

July 10
14:00 US vs. India
16:00 Malaysia vs. Japan
18:00 Cathay Life vs. Chunghua Telecom

July 11
14:00 Malaysia vs. India
16:00 US vs. Chunghua Telecom
18:00 Cathay Life vs. Japan
20:00 Closing ceremony

According to India Basketball Federation, the India NT roster is listed below:

India's Women's Team for 2012 William Jones Cup

Akanksha Singh (Delhi)
Geethu Anna Jose (Indian Railways)
Anitha Paul Durai (Indian Railways)
Anju Lakra (Indian Railways)
S. Kokila (Indian Railways)
Smruthi Radhakrishnan (Indian Railways)
Kiranjit Kaur (Indian Railways)
Apoorva Murlinath (Indian Railways)
Kavita (Indian Railways)
Aruna Kindo (Indian Railways)
Jeena PS (Kerala)
Pratima Singh (Delhi)
Head Coach: C. Thinakaran (Tamil Nadu)
Assistant Coach: Prem Kumar (Kerala)

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