Saturday, January 25, 2003

President Cup - Final four set

Yulon breezes past Yitong, 88-70, and Mars beat Taiwan Beer, 91-80, as the final four of the 2003 President Cup are all set. Dacin already clinched its final berth with a 6-0 record, Mars, Jutai and Yulon also squeeze into the final four. However, the final game between Mars and Yulon will determine Dacin's opponent in the final. Winner of the deciding game will advance.

Star F/G Chen Hsin-an was back in the starting lineup today but suffered a cut above his eyes just three minutes into the game. He had seven stitches and did not go back to the game.

Eight teams in the President Cup plays to a single round-robin format, with each team playing seven games in the preliminaries. Top two teams advance to the best-of-three final series. 3rd and 4th-ranked teams play each other also in a best-of-three series to determine the final placing.

Yulon 88-70 Yitong(Yulon - Chen Chih-chun 16p, Hong Chi-chao 13p, Chou Hong-yu 10p+9rb, Tsun Wen-din 8p+10rb ; Yitong - Kao Jian-wei 15p+8rb)
Mars 91-80 Taiwan Beer(Mars - Lin Jia-huang 23p, Yang Che-yi 18p, Lin Jen-da 13p, Chen Huei 11p+8a ; TB - Lin Chih-jay 17p+9rb, Chen Shih-nian 15p, Wu Yang-huei 12p+7rb)

Dacin 6-0(X)
Yulon 5-1(Y)
Mars 4-2(Y)
Jutai 4-2(Y)
BOT 2-4
Taiwan Beers 2-5
Yi-tong 2-5
Military 0-6

X - clinch final berth
Y - clinch final four seed

Women's competition: Second Leg
Kuo-tai Life 69-61 Taiwan Powers
Tai-yuan 75-64 Ya-dong

Kuo-tai 2-0
Chunghwa Telecom 1-0
Tai-yuan 1-1
Taiwan Powers 0-1
Ya-dong 0-2