Saturday, January 25, 2003

President Cup - Tien Lei leads Dacin past Yulon

Tien Lei overcame a severe coldness with a 26-point, 15-rebounds and 4-blocks performance as Dacin upset Yulon, 81-76, last night(Jan. 24). Dacin won its six straight, clinching the first-place and a place in the finals.

With Chen Hsin-an serving his third and final of his three-game suspension, Yulon never took the lead in the last three quarters. Yulon made only two three-pointers in the game, compared to Dacin's 10, and was pounded on the boards, trailing 25-44 in that department.

Jutai Tech also overcame a 16-point first quarter deficit to a 84-80 come-from-behind victory over Taiwan Beer, 84-80. Yang Yu-ming had 22 points. Lin Che-wei surprised with a 15-point, 13-rebounds effort.

Dacin 81-76 Yulon(Dacin - Tien Lei 26p+15rb+4blks, Chang Chi-feng 15p, Cheng Chan-jun 12p, Lin Kwan-lun 12p ; Yulon - Hong Chi-chao 20p+4s, Tsun Wen-din 18p, Chou Hong-yu 13p+8rb+5a)
Jutai 84-80 Taiwan Beer(Jutai - Yang Yu-ming 22p, O-Yang Jin-hen 17p, Lin Che-wei 15p+13rb ; TB - Lin Chih-jay 24p+16rb, Wu Chih-yuan 15p+6rb)

**Remaining Preliminary Schedule
Jan.25 - Yulon-Yitong, Mars-Taiwan Beer
Jan.26 - Military-BOT, Jutai-Dacin
Jan.27 - Dacin-Mars

Dacin 6-0
Yulon 4-1
Jutai 4-2
Mars 3-2
BOT 2-4
Taiwan Beer 2-4
Yitong 2-4
Military 0-6

Womens' competition: Second Leg
Kuo-tai Life 64-60 Tai-yuan
Chunghwa Telecom 71-60 Ya-dong

Kuo-tai 1-0
Chunghwa Telecom 1-0
Taiwan Powers 0-0
Tai-yuan 0-1
Ya-dong 0-1