Thursday, January 23, 2003

President Cup - BOT edges Taiwan Beer

Ho Sho-jen, Hsu Hao-chen and Chen Shen-ya - all from Song-shan High School - combined for 57 points, including 19 of 20 from free-throw line, as Bank of Taiwan edged Taiwan Beer in a crucial game tonight, 86-79. With the win, BOT tied with Taiwan Beer at 2-3. Both teams are still hanging on the heel of the final four chase.

Bank of Taiwan 86-79 Taiwan Beer(BOT - Ho Sho-jen 20p, Hsu Hao-chen 20p+11rb+4a, Chen Shen-ya 17p ; TB - Chang Hsien-ming 24p, Wu Yang-huei 19p+8rb, Wu Chih-yuan 10p+10rb)

Yulon 4-0
Dacin 4-0
Jutai 3-1
Mars 2-2
BOT 2-3
Taiwan Beer 2-3
Yi-tong 1-4
Military 0-5

Women's competition
Kuo-tai Life 86-77 Chunghwa Telecom
Taiwan Powers 59-52 Ya-dong

**Standings(First Leg completed)
Kuo-tai Life 4-0
Chunghwa Telecom 3-1
Tai-yuan Textile 2-2
Taiwan Powers 1-3
Ya-dong 0-4