Wednesday, January 29, 2003

President Cup - Kuo-tai Life completes four-peat

Chunghwa Telecom overcame a 15-point deficit in the last five minutes to upset Kuo-tai Life, 76-74, tonight in the last game of the women's competition. Chunghwa Telecom got themselves an inspiring win but still finished runner-up to Kuo-tai Life, who won their fourth straight President Cup title, because they lost to Kuo-tai by 10(and won by only 2 tonight) in the first-leg.

It's really an unbelievable win for Chunghwa Telecom, when you think about they were dominated on the boards 29-49 and trailed by 15 points with only five minutes remaining. However, their defense made a difference. A couple of Kuo-tai's turnovers and missed shots led Chunghwa Telecom back into the game. With score tied at 74-74, 183cm PF Chiang Feng-jun missed two free-throws with 11.4 seconds remaining. On the other end, Telecom's Chiang Yi-lian made both of her free-throws with 6.1 seconds left and iced the game.

Taiwan Powers 61-59 Tai-yuan
Chunghwa Telecom 76-74 Kuo-tai

**Complete Standings

Kuo-tai 4-0
Chunghwa Telecom 3-1
Tai-yuan 2-2
Taiwan Powers 1-3
Ya-dong 0-4

Chunghwa Telecom 4-0
Kuo-tai 3-1
Taiwan Powers 2-2
Tai-yuan 1-3
Ya-dong 0-4

1. Kuo-tai 7-1
2. Chunghwa Telecom 7-1
3. Tai-yuan 3-5
4. Taiwan Powers 3-5
5. Ya-dong 0-8