Tuesday, January 21, 2003

President Cup - Taiwan Beer, Yitong pull upset

18 year-old PG Chen Shih-nian scored 6 points in the last two minutes as Taiwan Beer upset Military, 68-65, to even their record at 2-2 in the President Cup. In the other game tonight, Yitong also upset Bank of Taiwan, 71-69, and get their first win. Yitong's victory also makes Military the only team without a win.

Taiwan Beer 68-65 Military(TB - Lin Chih-jay 20p ; Military - Chiu Chi-yi 19p)
Yitong 71-69 Bank of Taiwan(Yitong - Chiu Der-chi 18p, Huang Jin-ju 17p+11rb ; BOT - Chen Shen-ya 21p, Ho Sho-jen 16p)

**Standings(thru Jan.20)
Yulon 3-0
Dacin 3-0
Jutai Tech 3-0
BCC Mars 2-2
Taiwan Beer 2-2
Bank of Tauiwan 1-3
Yitong 1-4
Military 0-4