Thursday, January 16, 2003

Yulon opens President Cup with win ; Chen Hsin-an sits

Defending champ Yulon beat Military, 71-61, tonight in their 2003 President Cup debut as Chen Hsin-an sits thru the first game of his three-game suspension. BCC Mars and Jutai Tech also record their first victory.

Led by two late three-pointers by newcomer Chen Chih-chun, Yulon overcame a subpar shooting night and edged re-loaded Military team. Chen finished his two-year service and retired from military before joining Yulon.

Another Chen - Chen Hsin-an - has to sit out the game because he was suspended by CTBA for three games for dropping out of the national team and going to the NBA training camp(Sacramento Kings) before the Asian Games. Chen is suspended from tonight's game and games of Jan.18(vs. Taiwan Beer) and Jan. 24(vs. Dacin Construction).

■President Cup Brief
Date: January 15 - January 30
Teams(8): Yulon Dinos, BCC Mars, Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Beer, Jutai Tech, Dacin Construction, Military, Yitong Trust
Format: single round-robin preliminary, followed by a best-of-three finals by the top two teams

■Game Results:
Yulon 71-61 Military
(Yulon - Chou Shi-yuan 17p, Wu Chih-wei 15p+12rb, Chen Chih-shun 14p, Hong Chih-chao 11p ; Military - Wu Chen-dao 16p, Lin Chun-feng 15p, Lo Da-wei 11p+12rb)

Mars 71-59 Yitong Trust
(Mars - Yang Che-yi 16p, Lin Jen-da 15p, Lai Kuo-hong 11p ; Yitong - Lin Jen-jong 10p)

Jutai Tech 80-74 Bank of Taiwan
(Jutai - Yang Yu-min 20p, Ha Hsiao-yuan 15p+6rb, O-yang Jin-hen 12p+5rb+4a+4s ; BOT - Chen Shen-ya 16p, Ho Sho-jen 11p)