Sunday, June 07, 2009

CTBA announces men's National Second Team for Jones Cup

CTBA announced the 12-man roster of National Second Team, which will be coached by SBL Coach of the Year Chiu Da-tsun, for the 2009 Jones Cup Saturday. The annual international tournament will tip off July 12 with the women's competition. The men's competition starts on July 18.

Joining Chiu will be his aides on Dacin Tigers -- Hsu Chih-chao and Huang Wan-long. The National Second Team, CTBA said, consists of players who are under 25 years-old.

Highlighting the roster is Jet Chang, a sophomore at NCAA Division-II BYU-Hawaii, who some observers dubbed as the second coming of Chen Hsin-an. It's an observation I find it difficult to agree with though.

The National Second Team is also known as Team Kwanghua.


Chang Tsung-hsien (Jet Chang), BYU-Hawaii, 190cm
Lo Yu-chun, Dacin, 185cm
Hong Chih-shan, Pure Youth, 176cm
Lin Chieh-min, Yulon, 185cm
Chen Yi-an, Dacin, 195cm
Chen Shun-hsiang, BOT, 188cm
Lin Ching-pang, Pure Youth, 190cm
Lu Cheng-ju, Yulon, 192cm
Hsu Wei-sheng, Taiwan Mobile, 198cm
Tsai Jun-min, Dacin, 197cm
Chien Chia-hong, Pure Youth, 196cm
Yen Cheng-hong, Taiwan Mobile, 196cm