Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jones Cup Taiwan NTs rosters set

Chen Ching-hwan was injured in practice and out of the Jones Cup as the injury-plagued Taiwan NT will enter the 2009 Jones Cup with all the 12 injury-free players. The final roster for the Asian Championship is expected to change again once the injured players are back.

Pure Youth center/forward Chien Chia-hong was also out of the Jones Cup due to injury. Yulon center Lin Hwan-chao was added to the national second team.

2009 Jones Cup Taiwan NT roster:

Po., Name, Ht., Age
G Lee Hsueh-lin, Yulon, 175cm, 25
G Su Yi-chieh, Dacin, 181cm, 22
G Chou Shih-yuan, Yulon, 187cm, 26
G Yang Ching-min, TB, 188cm, 25
G Wu Yong-jen, Taiwan Mobile, 177cm, 26
F Chen Tse-wei, Dacin, 200cm, 24
F Tsai Wen-cheng, PY, 188cm, 24
F Lin Yi-hui, Dacin, 193cm, 23
F Yang Che-yi, Yulon, 193cm, 31
F Hsu Chih-chan, 194cm, 27
F Lee Fong-yong, Dacin, 197cm, 28
F Wu Chien-lung, Pure Youth, 193cm, 20

Head coach: Chung Kwang-suk
Assistants: Chou Jun-san, Hsu Ching-tse

2009 Jones Cup Taiwan 2nd NT (Team Kwanghua) roster:

Chang Tsung-hsien (Jet Chang), BYU-Hawaii, 190cm
Lo Yu-chun, Dacin, 185cm
Hong Chih-shan, Pure Youth, 176cm
Lin Chieh-min, Yulon, 185cm
Chen Yi-an, Dacin, 195cm
Chen Shun-hsiang, BOT, 188cm
Lin Ching-pang, Pure Youth, 190cm
Lu Cheng-ju, Yulon, 192cm
Hsu Wei-sheng, Taiwan Mobile, 198cm
Tsai Jun-min, Dacin, 197cm
Lin Hwan-chao, Yulon, 202cm
Yen Cheng-hong, Taiwan Mobile, 196cm

Head coach: Chiu Da-tsun
Assistants: Huang Wan-long, Hsu Chih-chao