Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 HBL men's and women's final four set

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Defending men's champion Song-shan High School is limping its way into the 2010 HBL men's final four, finishing fourth in the quarterfinal round, while the defending women's champion Pu Men High School cruised into the women's final four, tied with Ha-shan High School at 6-1 in the quarterfinal round.

The single-elimination final four will take place in the National Taiwan University Gymnasium from March 19-20.

Men's semifinal matchup:
#1 Nan-shan HS vs. #4 Song-shan HS
#2 Nen-jen HS vs. #3 Tai-shan HS

Women's semifinal matchup:
#1 Pu Men HS vs. #4 Hujiang HS
#2 Hai-shan HS vs. #3 Tamsui Vocational HS

Three of four men's semifinalists from last season -- Song-shan, Nan-shan and Nen-jen --  return to the final four this year.
Three women's final four teams -- Pu Men, Hai-shan and Hujiang -- also made the semifinal for the socond consecutive year. Tamsui Vocational HS, which finished sxith last year, return to the final four this season and is eyeing its 7th HBL women's title in school history.

Men's quarterfinal round standing:
1. Nan-shan HS 6-1
2. Nen-jen HS 5-2
3. Tai-shan HS 4-3
4. Song-shan HS 4-3
5. Kao-yuan HS 4-3
6. San-min HS 3-4
7. San-chung Commercial and Industrial Vocational HS 1-6
8. Chiang-shu HS 1-6

Women's quarterfinal round standing:
1. Pu Men HS 6-1
2. Hai-shan HS 6-1
3. Tamsui Vocational HS 5-2
4. Hujiang HS 4-3
5. Taipei First Girls' HS 3-4
6. Nan-hu HS 2-5
7. Yang-ming HS 2-5
8. Miaoli Vocational HS 0-7

(Photos: Apple Daily)