Sunday, August 07, 2011

Day 1: Philippines upset two-time defending champ Iran

菲律賓9號阿奇拉(右) 伊朗12號卡杜斯特(左)

Led by naturalized Marcus Douthit, who had 24 points and 11 rebounds, Philippines upset two-time defending champion Iran Saturday in the opening day of the 2011 William Jones Cup invitational tournament in Taipei.

Philippines NT was more prepared against Iran, who came to Taipei without one of its key players Samad Nikkhah. According to Iranian head coach Veselin Matic, Hamed Ehadadi did not practice much with the team before arriving in Taiwan.

In the other game, Taiwan NT welcomed back Chen Hsin-an, who haven't been playing for Taiwan for years, and defeated a young and inexperienced Japan 99-72.

Philippines 73-59 Iran
PHI: M. Douthit 24+11, A.M. Barroca 13+7
IRN: H. Ehadadi 25+9, M. Kamrani 18

Taiwan 99-72 Japan
TWN: D. Creighton 18, Tseng Wen-ting 15, Lu Cheng-ju 12
JPN: Keijuro Matsui 13, Yuta Watanabe 12

Korea 110-50 Malaysia
KOR: Kang Byung-hyun 17, Moon Tae-jong 17, Cho Sung-min 16, Ha Seung-jin 10+9
MY: Li Wei Chee 12

Joran 91-72 UAE
JOR: R. Wright 15, Z.A. Abbas 14, A.J. Zaghab 12+8
UAE: O. Alameri 19

Jordan 1-0
Korea 1-0
Philippines 1-0
Taiwan 1-0
Iran 0-1
Japan 0-1
Malaysia 0-1
UAE 0-1

Hamed Ehdadi, Iran

Tseng Wen-ting, Taiwan

約旦5號Rashiem Wright
Rashiem Wright, Jordan

中華12號林志傑(投籃者) 日本18號橋本晃佑(阻擋者)
Lin Chih-chieh, Taiwan

Cho Sung-min, Korea