Monday, August 15, 2011

Iran goes three in a row in William Jones Cup


Title game: Iran 66-59 Korea
Iran defeated Korea 66-59 in the title game of the 2011 William Jones Cup tournament Sunday to win its third straight title at the annual invitational tournament.

Iranian center Hamed Haddadi of the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies followed his semifinal outburst of 36 points, 8 rebounds and five blocks against the Philippines with another brilliant outing, collecting 35 points, 18 rebounds and seven blocks against the Koreans in the title game.

Haddadi outplayed former NBA center Ha Seung-jin, who had four points and 8 boards before fouling out in the fourth quarter. Haddadi's strong showing quickly forced Korean center Kim Joo-sung to another disqualification.

Korea could never keep up with Iran after Kim and Ha both fouled out.

Iran's three-peat (2009-2011) marked the fifth consecutive year that a West Asia team wins the Jones Cup tournament. Jordan won the tourney in 2007 and 2008 before finishing as runner-up behind Iran in 2009.

IRN: H. Haddadi 35+18+7blk, O. Sahakian 13+8
KOR: Kim Joo-sung 19+6+4a, Moon Tae-jong 15, Yang Dong-geun 13, Ha Seung-jin 4+8

Hamed Haddadi vs. Ha Seung-jin

Hamed Haddadi vs. Ha Seung-jin

Bronze medal game: Philippines 82-72 Taiwan
Marcus Douthit once again dominated the paint as Philippines led from start to finish to win the third place in the Jones Cup, leading by as many as 22 in the fourth quarter before Taiwan used a 18-6 run to cut the deficit.

Taiwanese center Tseng Wen-ting sat out his second straight game due to hip muscle strain.

PHI: M. Douthit 28+11, M. Lassiter 16, D. Hontiveros 13+7
TWN: Chien Chia-hung 26+7, Chen Shun-hsiang 13

Chien Chia-hung, Taiwan

菲律賓11號多希特(左) 中華11號陳信安(右)
Chen Hsin-an, Taiwan

中華10號蘇翔翊(左) 菲律賓8號提優(右)
Su Yi-chieh vs. Chris Tiu

5/6 place game: Japan 73-70 Jordan
JPN: Takeki Shonaka 24, Fumio Nishimura 23
JOR: Y. Wesam 17, I. Abbas 15+7, R. Wright 12

日本9號正中岳城(右)約旦13號Zaid Naem Alkhas(左)
Takeki Shonaka, Japan

Fumio Nishimura, Japan


Semifinal 1: Korea 90-85 (OT) Taiwan
Thirty-five-year-old Moon Tae-jong, known as Cameron Stevenson when he played in America and Europe, scored 10 of his game-high 28 points in overtime as Korea overcame strong challenge from Taiwan to advance to the title game.

Chen Hsin-an turned in his best game in a national team uniform in years, tallying 22 points, six rebounds and four assists.

KOR: Moon Tae-jong 28, Oh Se-keun 11+11, Kim Joo-sung 12+9
TWN: Chen Hsin-an 22+6+4, Lee Hsueh-lin 12, Jet Chang 12+7

Chen Hsin-an, Taiwan

中華12號林志傑(右) 韓國12號金周成(左)
Lin Chih-chieh, Taiwan

Chen Hsin-an, Taiwan

Su Yi-chieh, Taiwan

Semifinal 2: Iran 78-59 Philippines
IRN: H. Haddadi 36+8+5blk, O. Sahakian 16+7
PHI: M. Douthit 16, M. Lassiter 10, A. Barroca 10+7

菲律賓11號Marcus Douthit(右) 伊朗15號艾哈達迪(左)
Marcus Douthit vs. Hamed Haddadi

菲律賓4號Andy Barroca
Andy Barroca, Philippines

伊朗6號Javad Davari
Javad Davari, Iran

Final Standing:
1. Iran 7-2
2. Korea 7-2
3. Philippines 6-3
4. Taiwan 4-5
5. Japan 5-4
6. Jordan 4-4
7. Malaysia 1-7
8. UAE 0-7

Preliminary standing:
1. Korea 6-1
2. Philippines 5-2
3. Iran 5-2
4. Taiwan 4-3
5. Jordan 4-3
6. Japan 3-4
7. Malaysia 1-6
8. UAE 0-7