Thursday, August 04, 2011

Taiwan women's NT wins 2011 Jones Cup

[Liu Chun-yi, Taiwan NT]

Taiwan women's NT defeated the other home team, the World University Games national team, 77-59 Wednesday night to clinch the 2011 William Jones Cup tournament with one game left to play.

It is scheduled to meet Samsung of South Korea tonight, but the outcome will not affect the final placing. Samsung was 0-3 after three games.

Taiwan WUG 71-64 India
Taiwan 72-62 Japan

Taiwan 94-49 India
Taiwan WG 52-43 Samsung

Japan 77-58 Taiwan WUG
India 63-59 Samsung

Japan 61-56 Samsung
Taiwan 77-59 Taiwan WUG

India vs. Japan
Samsung vs. Taiwan

Standings thru. Aug. 3
Taiwan 3-0
Japan 2-1
Taiwan WUG 2-2
India 1-2
Samsung (Korea) 0-3