Monday, July 02, 2001

4 Nations May Left with Three...Or Two

4-Nations Invitational Tournament is in danger of losing Saudi Arabia, and maybe Philippines, and becomes a two-team tournament. CTBA is working rigorously to make sure all participants arrive on time.

Saudi Arabia NT told CTBA yesterday through agency that they couldn't book the flight tickets from Taipei through Bangkok to Shanghai, where the ABC Championship is held. Not wanting to miss the ABC Championship, Saudi Arabia will fly directly to Shanghai and therefore pulling out of the 4-Nations Tournament. It's said that because Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are in the same group in ABC Championship, Saudi Arabia doesn't want to face Kuwait prior to the games.

CTBA also shows concerns about the Philippines, which hasn't confirmed the participating team.

If Saudi Arabia pulls out, CTBA will either replace Saudi Arabia with Taiwanese All-Stars or make the tourney a three-team tournament. If the field is left with only two teams, Taiwan NT and Kuwait, the tourney will probably become an one-on-one series.