Sunday, July 15, 2001

Day 3-5: SINA Rout Taiwan NT

With most games ending lopsided, Day Three staged the most surprising results in the 4-Nations Invitational Tournament. SINA routed Taiwan NT by 22 points, 86-64, with their experience and hothand from outside, while Kuwait edged Philippines 71-69 and won for the first time in the tournament.

190cm SF Hsiung Jen-jen was in the zone and basically unstoppable in the July 11 game, making 7 of 13 three-point attempts and scored a career-high 29 points. SINA hit the boards and controlled the tempo for all 40 minutes. Taiwan NT looked helpless under new head coach Lee Yun-kwang and can only go one-on-one on offense.

There would be no surprises in Day 4 and 5, home teams came up with easy wins. As predicted, SINA (5-0) and Taiwan NT (4-1) will meet on the final day for the tournament title. Philippines (0-5) also will be looking for their first win when they meet Kuwait (1-4) again in the last game.

■Game Summary
July 11
Kuwait 71-69 Philippines (35-36)
KUW - H. Al-Shamaty 19p+6rb ; A. Al-Saraf 14p+13rb ; K. Al-Hajras 13p+6rb
PHI - Y. De Ocampo 20p+6rb ; J. Punzalan 14p ; A. Vergarda 13p

SINA 86-64 Taiwan NT (44-38)
SINA - Hsiung Jen-jen 29p (7-13 3PT) ; Lo Shin-liang 17p+4rb+3a ; Huang Chun-hsiung 12p+12rb ; Chou Jun-san 6p+6rb+9a
TW - Chiu Chi-yi 17p ; Tien Lei 12p+4rb ; Lee Chi-yi 8p ; Chen Chih-chung 4p+4a

July 13
SINA 94-84(OT) Kuwait
Taiwan NT 83-78 Philippines

July 14
SINA 81-50 Philippines (33-26)
SINA - Lo Shin-liang 21p ; Lai Kuo-hong 13p+5rb ; Wu Yong-jen 9p+6a
PHI - Y. De Ocampo 11p+5rb ; R. Espino 10p

Taiwan NT 89-67 Kuwait (42-35)
TW - Tien Lei 17p+6rb ; Chen Chih-chung 16p+3a ; Yang Yu-min 13p (14min) ; Yen Shin-shu 8p+7a ; Lee Chi-yi 9p+5rb

SINA 5-0
Taiwan NT 4-1
Kuwait 1-4
Philippines 0-5