Wednesday, July 25, 2001

China's Chang Chen Suspended

China's rookie NT member Chang Chen was suspended for two games because of initiating the confrontation between China and Lebanon team in the previous day's competition, the ABC announced on July 24.

A Lebanon guard was also "severely reprimanded" by the ABC. However the ABC takes no action on Liu Yu-dong and Lee Nan, both of whom accused stabbing Lebanon players in the confrontation with a scissor.

In the bench-clearing brawl, four or five Lebanese players were taken to nearby hospital because of injury. Joe Vogel had seven stitches on his forehead while the other Lebanese player had five stitches.

ABC's announcement was harshly criticized by media from various countries. Observors said ABC president Cheng Man-kee picked the easy road by suspending only Chang Chen because he doesn't want to mix it up with hosting China.