Sunday, July 08, 2001

4-Nations Notes: Updated Schedule

Saudi Out, SINA In
Saudi Arabia pulled out of the tournament in the last minute due to unknown reason and was replaced by local A-League team SINA.

Updated Schedule
July 9 - 1800 Philippines vs. SINA ; 2000 Kuwait vs. Taiwan
July 10 - 1800 SINA vs. Kuwait ; 2000 Taiwan vs. Philippines
July 11 - 1800 Kuwait vs. Philippines ; 2000 SINA vs. Taiwan
July 13 - 1800 SINA vs. Kuwait ; 2000 Taiwan vs. Philippines
July 14 - 1800 Philippines vs. SINA ; Kuwait vs. Taiwan
July 15 - 1800 Philippines vs. Kuwait ; 2000 Taiwan vs. SINA

Tien Lei to Play SF
New Taiwan NT head coach Lee Yun-kwang decided to move 18-year-old phenom Tien Lei from PF to SF, after Chen Hsin-an dropped out of NT because of eye injury. Lee insisted on the move, in order to make the Taiwanese NT a faster team and a taller lineup. Tien's outside shooting has improved dramatically since the move was made. He buried three three-pointers in limited minutes in a warm-up game vs. SINA last week. Tien will benefited from the move as he can utilize his quickness, long arms and height to humiliate most Asian small forwards.