Wednesday, July 18, 2007

87 players in 2007 SBL local draft

A total of 87 players had applied for the 2007 SBL local draft, which will be held on July 20, CTBA announced Tuesday.

Among them, 53 applicants are college players and 32 are current or former high school players. Two applicants are U.S. based Taiwanese -- 33-year-old Long Island University graduate Liao Tse-hsiang and 190cm Tao Tse-an.

According to a news report, Liao played Division I college ball at LIU.

The order of the draft will be the reverse of the 2006-07 regular season standings:

1. Bank of Taiwan
2. Azio Eagles
3. ETSN Antelopes
4. Dacin Tigers
5. Taiwan Beers
6. Videoland Hunters
7. Yulon Dinos

Notable players expected in the draft include 191cm forward/guard Chang Tsun-hsien from Hsin-jun High School, HBL MVP Wu Min-hsien from Nan-shan High School, 194cm forward Wu Fong-cheng from Gao-yuan HS and 194cm forward Chen Yu-an from Nan-shan HS, and 197cm center Lee Jun-wei from Nan-shan HS.