Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jones Cup Day 7 - Philippines routed Taiwan on solid guard play

Led by Mark Caguioa and Jimmy Alapag, Philippine backcourts turned the game into their playground and scored at will against Taiwan's defense time and again for a 82-64 victory Sunday.

Caguioa had 20 points, including 12 in the first quarter, Alapag had 15 while Anthony Helterbrand and Donaldo Hontiveros added 9 points each. Philippine backcourts dominated the game from the first minute and pretty much decided the outcome.

Taiwan could never contain Philippine attack with its man-to-man defense. The interesting thing was Taiwan head coach Chung Kwang Hee decided to stick with it instead of switching to zone defense.

Philippines kept attacking and increased the lead to 18 points at the end of the third quarter. Lin Chih-jay made three cosecutive threes and cut the deficit to 11 points with 7:18 to go, but that was as close as Taiwan could get.

PHI: Mark Caguioa 20p, Jimmy Alapag 15p, A. Helterbrand 9p, D. Hontiveros 9p
TWN: Lin Chih-jay 22p(6-12 3PT), Wu Dai-hao 13p+7rb+5blk, Lin Yi-huei 11p

-- AIA 108-83 Japan

AIA: Bradley Harris 25p(6-7 3PT), Reed Rawlings 16, Todd Hendley 14p+6rb, Brian Asbury 11p, Tyler Wilkerson 10p, Eric Pollitz 8p+10rb+7a
JAP: Shohei Kikuchi 20p, Yusuke Okada 15p, Shonaka Takeki 13p, Ryumo Ono 11p, Taiji Sakai 10p

-- Lebanon 73-69 South Korea

Lebanon turned the game around by a 22-11 foruth quarter run. Fadi Khatib sat out the game.

LIB: Joe Vogel 26p+7rb, J.A. El Nour 18p, Rony Fahed 14p+6a
KOR: Kim Min-soo 15p, Lee Dong-jun 14p+9rb

-- Iran 82-60 Kazakhstan

IRN: H.A. Eslamieh 23p+4s, Aidin Nikkah Bahrami 20p+4s, Amir Amini 11p
KAZ: A. Ponomarev 9p+12rb, D. Korovnikov 11p, Y. Issakov 10p+8rb

-- Jordan 91-85 Qatar

JOR: Osama Daghles 22p, Zaid Al Khas 14p+11rb, Wesam Al-Sous 15p, Jamaal Almaaytah 12p+6rb
QAT: E.A. Saeed 20p, D.M. Daoud 20p, B.A. Mohammed 14p, Yasseen Ismail Musa 13p, Khalid Suliman Abdi 12p

-- Standing
Jordan 6-1
AIA 5-2
Iran 4-3
Lebanon 4-3
Philippines 4-3
Taiwan 4-3
Qatar 3-4
South Korea 3-4
Japan 1-6
Kazakhstan 1-6