Wednesday, July 11, 2007

California Asian Traveling Stars visit basketball summer camp

California Asian Traveling Stars, which is in Taiwan for a tournament from July 12 - 14, visited a children basketball summer camp in Yungho City, Taipei County Wednesday.

The team consists of Asian American high school players in California and is led by former Taiwan NT player Sun Chia-kang, who now lives in California. The three-day tournament is sponsored by Costco Wholesale Taiwan, which is now headed by former Taiwan NT player Richard Chang.

Richard Chang, 6-7, played for the University of California at Berkeley in early 1980's. He came back to Taiwan and joined Taiwanese national team before embarking upon his personal career in business.

Richard Chang, second from right.

CATS 與小朋友互動2
Cats players worked with kids in the camp.

CATS 與夏令營小粉絲合照
Cats players and kids in the camp.