Thursday, July 12, 2007

ETSN Antelopes sold to Segway Technology

ETSN was sold.

ETSN ended its three-year ownership of its basketball team and sold it to Segway Technology for NT$ 10 million, local news outlets reported.

Rumor has been flying since June that ETSN has been looking to sell the team because of financial trouble of its mother group EMG. It was said a real estate management company and Jutai Technology, former owner of the team, considered buying the team but it never materialized.

Head coach Chiu Da-tsun (middle) will leave the team.

Current Antelopes head coach Chiu Da-tsun will leave the team and be replaced by either Lee Ching-chi or Chen Jin-hsiung and Lo Tian-jin, Central News Agency and United News Daily reported. Assistant coach Liu Hwa-lin was not kept either.

Lee Ching-chi coached Luckipar Panthers in the defunct pro league CBA, which folded in 1999. Chen Jin-hsiung and Lo Tian-jin were both veteran coaches who have coached in high school and A-League levels for a long time.

According to reports, a number of players, including Huang Bao-tse, Liao Wei-cheng and Hsu Tse-shin, have been released. Starting center Wu Dai-hao opted to sign with defending champion Taiwan Beer.

Yang Yu-min will be different uniform next season.

Only 11 players, including Yang Yu-min, O-Yang Jin-hen, Cheng Jen-wei, Shin Jin-jan, Wu Jia-long, Wu Jun-hsiung, Chen Jing-hwan, Wang Chuan-jian, Hong Ying-che, Hsiao Yuan-chan and Lin Jui-kun, have been taken by the new owner, CNA reported.

Segway Technology, which already had a team in the Amateur League (A-League) that won the league title last year, has been known for its ambition to feild a team in the Super Basketball League (SBL).

The new team name has not been announced yet. It's said the name could be "dmedia." Dmedia System Co. is an affiliation company of Segway Technology.