Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All-Star Game rosters announced, Lin replaced Chen as starter


The SBL announced the complete 24-man roster for the 2009 All-Star Game Wednesday. Red team also announced that TB forward Lin Chih-chieh will replace injured Yulon forward Chen Hsin-an in its starting lineup.

The replacement meant that Taiwan Beer will have four players start for the Red Team in the annual mid-season All-Star Game, which will be played in Jhubei City, Hsinchu County on February 28.

League-leading Dacin Tigers also placed three players -- including top votegetter Tien Lei, Chang Chih-fung and import Byron Allen -- in the White Team starting lineup.

Red Team (TB, Yulon, Pure Youth)
Lin Chih-chieh, TB
Ho Shou-cheng, TB
Wu Tai-hao, TB
Yen Shin-shu, TB
Lee Hsueh-lin, Yulon

Lee Chi-yi, Yulon
Chou Shih-yuan, Yulon
Chien Chia-hung, PY
James Mao, PY
Wu Chien-lung, PY
Chen Shih-chieh, PY
Tseng Wen-ting, Yulon
Chen Hsin-an, Yulon

White Team (Dacin, KKL, TM, BOT)
Tien Lei, Dacin
Hsu Chih-chan, BOT 
Byron Allen, Dacin
Wu Yong-jen, TM
Chang Chih-feng, Dacin

Su Yi-chieh, Dacin
Lin Yi-hui, Dacin
Cheng Jen-wei, KKL
Chen Ching-hwan, KKL
Lin Kwan-lun, KKL
Yen Cheng-hung, TM
Chen Shun-hsiang, BOT

Top 10 votegetters
1. Tien Lei, Dacin 22,676
2. Wu Tai-hao, Taiwan Beer  20,668
3. Byron Allen, Dacin  19,832
4. Wu Yong-jen, TM  19,574
5. Yen Shin-shu, TB  19,183
6. Lee Hsueh-lin, Yulon  18,641
7. Chen Hsin-an, Yulon  18,473
8. Ho Shou-cheng, TB  17,942
9. Chang Chih-feng, Dacin  15,956
10. Hsu Chih-chan, BOT  14,703

(Photo: SBL)