Monday, February 09, 2009

Follow-up on the scuffle

A total of nine players and team members were ejected after the scuffle in the Taiwan Beer-Taiwan Mobile game Sunday night, including TB head coach Yen Chia-hua and manager Lin Chieh-he. Ensuing suspensions and fines are expected to be announced soon.

TM import Mario Boggan, who elbowed TB forward Wang Chien-wei and started the confrontation, was the only TM player being sent off. Boggan stressed that he was only trying to free himself from Wang and wasn't intended to throw his elbow out. Judging from the TV clip, I think Boggan was right.

The mass nine-man ejection set the SBL record, Apple Daily reported.

Taiwan Beer's Wu Tai-hao, Yen Hsin-shu, Pan Jen-te, Hsu Cheng-wen, He Shou-cheng, Lee Hsiao-tse and manager Lin Chieh-he were sent out for leaving bench while head coach Yen Chia-hua was out for two technicals.

In fact, that was not all. Plus team trainer and other staff, thirteen TB members were ejected.

However, no TB member went back to the locker room. Instead, all of them sat and watched the game from courtside. And no referee enforced the rule and asked them to leave the court. Enjoy the photos...

 TB-TM scuffle

TB-TM scuffle

 TB-TM scuffle

TB-TM scuffle

Yen Chia-hua

Yulon beat Bank of Taiwan 85-75 in the third and last game Sunday night. (Photo source: Liberty Times, Apple Daily,

(Photo source: Liberty Times, Apple Daily,