Friday, May 06, 2011

2011 Taiwan women's NT rosters

The CTBA announced preliminary rosters of Taiwan women's NT, Taiwan U19 women's NT and Taiwan U16 women's NT, which are listed as follow.

Taiwan women's NT for FIBA Asia Women's Championship: (16 players)
Lee Wan-ting (Cathay Life)
Huang Pin-chen (Cathay Life)
Lan Hao-yu (Cathay Life)
Chu Yung-hsuan (Cathay Life)
Chen Yi-feng (Cathay Life)
Huang Fan-shan (Cathay Life)
Tsai Pei-chen (Taiyuan Textile)
Liu Chun-yi (Taiyuan Textile)
Ma Yi-hung (Taiyuan Textile)
Lin Chi-wen (Taipower)
Liu Yi-chun (Taipower)
Chang Shih-chieh (Taipower)
Huang Shu-chen (Taipower)
Liu His-yeh (Chunghwa Telecom)
Chiang Yi-lien (Applause)
Chiang Feng-chun
Head coach: Chang Hui-ying
Assistants: Wang Ling, Ke Meng-yi
Taiwan women's NT for FIBA U19 Women's World Championship: (17 players)
Chang Chi-fang (Hujaing HS)
Lin Yu-ting (Tamsui HS)
Wei Yu-chun (Taipower)
Liu Jung-shing (Chunghwa Telecom)
Lee Ching-ning (CCU)
Chen Tsai-yi (Tamsui HS)
Yang Jung (Tamsui HS)
Cheng Yi-shiou (Pu Men HS)
Wu Ying-chieh (Taiyuan Textilte)
Huang Hsiang-ting (Haishan HS)
Chen Yu-chen (Tamsui HS)
Chang Yi-lin (Fo Guang)
Chen Chung-wei (Hujiang HS)
Kuo Chia-wen (Pu Men HS)
Wang Wei-lin (Haishan HS)
Pan Tse-yin (Chunghwa Telecom)
Li Yu-tse (Anle HS)
Head coach: Chen Mei-li
Assistants: Wang Wei-chieh, Teng Pi-chen, Hung Yi-chuan
Taiwan women's NT for FIBA Asia U16 Women's Championship: (24 players)
Huang Jou-chen (Haishan HS)
Chen Yu-ling (Haishan HS)
Lu Yi-han (Haishan HS)
Lee Ching-ya (Haishan HS)
Lin Wen-yo (Haishan HS)
Chen Wei-an (Haishan HS)
Tai Yi-ting (Haishan HS)
Su Yi-ching (Haishan HS)
Cheng Yu-chieh (Tamsui HS)
Han Ya-en (Tamsui HS)
Chen Yi-wen (Tamsui HS)
Ou Chieh (Tamsui HS)
Cheng Yu-chieh (Taipei First Girl's HS)
Min Hsuan-yi (Taipei First Girl's HS)
Liao Hui-wen (Hujiang HS)
Mo Yi-wen (Hujiang HS)
Huang Hsiang-ju (Hujiang HS)
Hsu Hsiao-tung (Hujiang HS)
Chen Ting-yu (Jinou HS)
Yo Yu-chen (Jinou HS)
Shi Ching-ju (Jinou HS)
Yang Wan-chien (Nanhu HS)
Lee Yi-chien (Nanhu HS)
Lo Chi-ling (Nanhu HS)
Head coach: Shih Chao-chieh
Assistants: Ho Su-ching, Lin Ming-hsien
Meanwhile, Taiwan NT for the FIBA U19 Men's World Championship will primarily based on the roster of last year's FIBA Asia U18 Men's Championship, as the team will still be coached by Huang Wan-lung, head coach of Song-shan HS who led the school to unprecedented three-peat in the high school league in March, the CTBA said.
Training camp opened May 2 in Song-shan HS. The championship will be held in Latvia from June 30 to July 10, 2011.