Monday, May 23, 2011

Taiwan NT having trouble with injury and…basketball

Taiwan NT 999
Chen Tse-wei became the latest casualty down with injury as the 200cm Dacin forward withdrew from the national team training camp for the 2011 EABC, according to head coach Chou Jun-san.
So far, Chen, Tien Lei and Chang Chih-feng -- coincidentally, all three came from Dacin, have decided to sit out the EABC.
Tseng Wen-ting, who's currently playing in the BJ League of Japan, has said he would like to sit out the EABC before joining the NT in Wuhan, if the team makes the Asian Championship.
Other injured players included Wu Tai-hao, Chen Shih-nian and Ho Shou-cheng. All three are still currently in the camp.
However, injury is not the only problem Taiwan NT has at this moment. Entering the third day of the camp, Chou found out that his players had trouble catching, shooting and even grabbing the ball.
Local media reported that players complained about the official ball, manufactured by Molten and sanctioned by FIBA in international competitions, saying that the ball is lighter and is slippery. The Molten ball also comes with a different touch which will take time to get used to, they said.
Basketball manufactured by Spalding is used by majority of competitions in Taiwan, including the SBL.
Chou said half-jokingly that he might have to ask the players to sleep with the Molten ball so they could get used to the ball as soon as possible.
Current player status in training camp
Yang Ching-min, 188cm, 1984/01/22, 27, TB
y-Wu Tai-hao, 202cm, 1985/02/07, 26, TB
Cheng Jen-wei, 194cm, 1987/04/06, 24, KKL
y-Chen Shih-nian, 180cm, 1984/04/08, 27, TB
y-Ho Shou-cheng, 196cm, 1983/02/15, 28, TB

Doug Creighton, 195cm, 1985/03/07, 26, TB
x-Tien Lei, 202cm, 1983/06/01, 27, Dacin
x-Chang Chih-feng, 183cm, 1981/04/22, 30, Dacin
x-Chen Tse-wei, 200cm, 1985/01/30, 26, Dacin

James Mao, 196cm, 1982/11/16, 28, PY
Chien Chia-hung, 197cm, 1987/03/06, 24, PY
Lu Cheng-ju, 194cm, 1986/08/23, 24, Yulon
Chen Shun-hsiang, 190cm, 1985/05/02, 26, BOT
Su Yi-chieh, 182cm, 1987/01/28, 24, TM
Chen Ching-huan, 190cm, 1987/12/18, 25, KKL
Chang Jung-hsuan, 194cm, 1986/02/03, 23, KKL
Lee Hsueh-lin, 175cm, 1984/01/31, 27, Beijing (China)
z-Tseng Wen-ting, 202cm, 1984/07/06, 26, Osaka (Japan)
Lin Chih-chieh, 192cm, 1982/06/11, 28, Zhejiang (China)
Chen Hsin-an, 195cm, 1980/07/01, 30, Dong Guan (China)
z-Jet Chang, 192cm, 1988/12/27, 22, BYU-Hawaii (US)
Chou Po-chen, 196cm, 1990/08/08, 20, Taiwan Normal University
z-Chou Yi-hsiang, 194cm, 1991/02/04, 20, Salt Lake CC (US)
x - injured, will sit out the EABC
y - injured, still with the camp
z - not yet reported to the camp