Saturday, February 24, 2007

Azio got second win of season

(Chien Jia-hong, photo courtesy of ESPN Taiwan)

Led by Chien Jia-hong, who had 32 points and 9 boards, Azio beat BOT 89-76 for its second win of the season on the day before the annual SBL All-Star Game Saturday. Videoland beat TB 75-70 and snapped its three-game losing streak.

Azio, which is now 2-12, also snapped its 6-game losing streak vs. BOT.

Dacin 90-78 ETSN
Dacin: Tien Lei 22p+11rb+4a+3s, Wang Chih-chun 18p+5s, Su Yi-chieh 17p+6rb, Chang Chi-feng 12p+6a, Chen Tse-wei 14p
ETSN: Delvin Thomas 25p+14rb, Cheng Jen-wei 15p, Yang Yu-min 13p

Azio 89-76 BOT
Azio: Chien Jia-hong 32p+9rb, Chang Yu-lin 25p
BOT: Lin Chun-feng 25p, Yang Chin-min 21p+10rb, Yua Ying-li 13p+7rb+5blk

VL 75-70 TB
VL: Jonathan Sanders 20p+18rb+4a, Lee Chi-yi 11p+8rb+5a, Yang Che-yi 11p, Deng An-cheng 11p
TB: Lin Chih-jay 25p+10rb, Ho Sho-jen 21p