Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SBL announced Retro All-Star Game roster

SBL announced the roster of its first Retro All-Star Game, a part of the annual SBL All-Star Game event, Monday. The festival-like game will salute retired players, including former Asian All-Star guard Cheng Chih-lung, from the defunct pro league CBA (Chinese Basketball Alliance, 1994-1999) and former national team coaches.

The game also seeks to pay tribute to the Taipei Physical Education College (TPEC) gym, which witnessed most of the CBA and SBL games but will be tear down and rebuilt later this year.

Invited veterans will be split into two teams and meet in the Feb. 25 game. Some of the players are currents SBL players and coaches. A couple of female players, Chien Wei-chuan and Chang Huei-ying, are also included.

Blue Team:
Lin Jian-ping (former Yulon player, current Taiyuan Textile women's team head coach)
Tsai Fu-tsai (former Yulon player, current Yulon assistant)
Lin Cheng-min (former Yulon player, current Yulon assistant)
Chang Hsueh-lei (former Luckipar player, current Yulon assistant)
Dong-fan Che-der (former Yulon player, current Yulon assistant)
Hsiung Jen-cheng (former BCC Mars player, current Videoland assistant)
Lee Yun-hsiang (former Hung-fu player, current ESPN TV analyst)
Liu Jia-fa (former Hung-fu player, current Dacin head coach)
San Mao-sun (former BCC Mars player)
Yang Chih-hao (former Luckipar player, current TB assistant)
Chiu Tsun-chih (current Yulon player)
Tsan Jia-shan (former TB head coach)
Chang Huei-ying (former Taipower women's team player)
Head coach: Chang Ke-yu (former NT head coach)

White Team:
Chou Jun-san (former Hong-kuo/Sina player, current TB player/coach)
Cheng Chih-lung (former Hong-kuo player and legislator)
Lo Shin-liang (former Hong-kuo/Sina player, current TB player)
Rex Manu (former Hong-kuo player)
Liu Yi-hsiang (former Hong-kuo/Sina player, current Azio player)
Huang Chun-hsiung (former Hong-kuo/Sina/VL player, current Videoland player)
Chiu Der-chi (former Hong-kuo player)
Lee Chih-chan (former BCC Mars player and Hong-fu/Mars head coach)
Bai Ming-li (former BCC Mars player)
Chien Wei-chuan (current Cathay Life player)
Chen Jian-chou (former Hong-fu player, current TB team manager)
Head coach: Chen Tsu-lieh (former NT head coach)