Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 1 videos and images

Here are the best I can do today. I did record three games but the file size is too large to upload to Youtube without cutting.

Never mind the reporter's English, OK? She's trying, and she's cute...

Anyway, Dave Bliss talked about how the AIA came up with different group of players every year since 2006 while other teams returned most of their players. Bliss was right. And that's why they lost the game to experienced opponents.

The pregame interview of Jordanian NT head coach Mario Palma.

A couple of screen captures:

Yang Ching-min had 22 points in the win.

Ouyang Ching-heng made his national team debut.

Jones Cup venue: Sinjhuang Stadium. Well, check out the stands. I guess most people find better things to do tonight rather than watching basketball huh...