Saturday, July 19, 2008

More on Jones Cup videos

I have to say that the huge interest from fans about the Jones Cup videos surprised me a little bit. And I learned today that, besides Malaysia, the site is being blocked in the Middle East as well. A couple of readers told me they couldn’t view the video clips.

On top of that, Jones Cup channel is not performing well. About one of every three videos I uploaded was not working for unknown reasons (maybe it’s the coding problem).

Fortunately offers a syndication service, which allows me to syndicate those videos to Google Video channel. Please go to this VIDEO and look for MORE FROM USER link in the top right of the page, you should be able to find all the Jones Cup videos (14) I uploaded.

If you have any problem viewing the videos, please let me know. Thanks a lot.

PS: I recorded about two thirds of the Jones Cup games but it takes too much time to split and upload. And I don’t really like to use the peer-to-peer video-sharing services such as Rapidshare. Please understand. Thanks.